Hawaii Five-0 – Lana I Ka Moana

“Lana I Ka Moana” is episode three of season three of Hawaii Five-0 and it opens with McGarrett and Danny in a boat some distance from land. They’re fishing, because McGarrett wants Danny to catch his first tuna. However, McGarrett is approaching the matter in a rather too disciplined way – as a mission – for Danny’s taste.

With it starting with them, rather than a crime, there seems a reasonable chance that the episode is going to concern them being out in the ocean. And it does.

Danny catches a tuna, then McGarrett sees a dinghy with a man waving for help. They get him on board their boat, then he draws a gun and orders them off the boat. So they jump off, and the boatjacker shoots a couple of holes in the dinghy, before going and leaving them behind with a sinking dinghy with no fuel.

Onshore, people start to get worried when they don’t arrive back when planned, and track the boat down. Of course, they don’t know that McGarret and Danny weren’t on it. Out at sea, the two come across the yacht that the dinghy came from. Where they find a corpse. No radio or engines though.

The rest of Five-0 discover the identity of the boatjacker and start looking in to him. Things start getting more complicated out at sea.

The motive of the boatjacker proves hard to fathom. He isn’t exactly competent as a boatjacker.

Lots of McGarrett’s and Danny’s bickering.

This episode’s name means “Adrift”.


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