Hawaii Five-0 – Ki'ilua

“Ki’ilua”, episode ten of season two of Hawaii Five-0, opens with a woman in Chinatown making a phonecall and saying that she thinks she’s being followed, and that she’s going to send someone an email. When she enters her apartment, her computer is gone, and there’s someone there, so she hides under the bed. Not surprisingly, she is dragged out from underneath.

The woman, Bethany Morris, is a reporter, and is found dead. She had been investigating a transport company, and someone had made death threats against her. Of course, that’s not who killed her.

McGarrett is approached by Jenna, who tells him that she has finally found her fiancée, Josh, and that he’s being held prisoner in North Korea by rebels. She wants McGarrett to come with her to ransom him. Of course, he doesn’t know that, in the episode “Ha’i’ole”, she was with Wo Fat, so he accompanies her.

Back in Hawaii, the rest of Five-0 find that Jenna is connected to the dead woman, and that she had been lying about what she was doing. By then, it’s too late – McGarrett and Jenna are in North Korea, where she betrays him to Wo Fat. It seems likely that Jenna’s fiancéeis connected in some way, and that she isn’t working for Wo Fat for money.

The rest of Five-0, with Steve’s former commander, Joe, head to North Korea to rescue him, along with some of SEAL Team 9. If they fail, it will be bad for everyone.

This episode’s name means “Deceiver”.


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