Hawaii Five-0 – Kanalua

“Kanalua” is episode two of season three of Hawaii Five-0 and it opens with the funeral for Chin’s wife, which is being held at sea in what looks like a sort of traditional Hawaiian ceremony. McGarrett asks for Catherine’s help in finding his mother, who is in hiding, because she had a chance to kill Wo Fat and didn’t take it.

Meanwhile, a team of gunmen are robbing an art gallery. A police officer is killed during their escape, and one of the three gunmen is wounded and left behind. The other two escape in a car disguised as a taxi driven by a third man, and prove able to lose the police chasing them.

The car is soon found abandoned and burned out, with the driver dead inside. The car had been souped up, and the driver was a former rally driver, who was far too wealthy to be committing crimes like this. It’s obvious he must have had another reason – and he did; his daughter is missing.

What’s stranger is that what was stolen from the gallery only had a value of $30,000 – less than the value of the burned out car. Presumably something else is going on. McGarrett and Danny ask for August March’s help again; at this point they don’t know he killed the diamond thief and took the diamonds at the end of “Kalele”. Which means that he’s not as trustworthy as they think.

This episode’s name means “Doubt”.


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