Hawaii Five-0 – Kalele

“Kalele” is episode nineteen of season two of Hawaii Five-0 and the episode opens with Danny and McGarrett surfing, and apparently Danny is not following the rules. McGarrett’s sister, Mary, turns up unexpectedly on the beach – she’s working as a flight attendant doing the New York to Honolulu run, and wanted to surprise her brother. Given that the episode opens with this, rather than a crime or evidence of one, it seems likely that what will happen is connected to Mary. And it is.

When Mary returns to her hotel room, she finds a man with a gun (played by the rather intimidating Tony Todd, so it’s easy to see why she would comply with what he wants) waiting for her. The next thing that happens is that McGarrett is called to the airport. Following an anonymous tip, Mary was searched and found with $20 million in diamonds taped to her.

Apparently, Mary’s friend who got her her job has been kidnapped, and will be killed if Mary doesn’t turn up in New York with the diamonds. Given that she isn’t on the plane, they have nine hours to solve the kidnapping – once it’s proved to be real. Danny suggests flying Mary to New York with the diamonds on the government’s plane to catch the people at the other end, but the evidence transfer truck (which is, rather stupidly really, clearly marked as such) is highjacked on the way and the diamonds are stolen. Both cops were killed, so Chief of Detectives Fryer gets involved.

Someone clearly wanted Mary to get caught at the airport, so that they could steal the diamonds whilst they were being transported. It couldn’t be the person who got her to transport them initially, so there must be another party at work. This leads them to a recently released fence August March, played by Ed Asner, who played the same person in one episode of the original series.

This episode’s name means “Faith”.


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