Hawaii Five-0 – Ho'ohuli Na'au

“Ho’ohuli Na’au” is episode twenty-two of season one of Hawaii Five-0 and the episode opens with a photographer doing a shoot in Hawaii. He returns to his trailer, which is then set on fire with the door locked, and then explodes.

The dead man was obviously murdered, but the question is who by. Investigations reveal that he had a fairly serious gambling problem, so a local bookie is tracked down. The bookie states – as many of them, and similar types, have in other police series – that dead customers don’t pay back the money they owe. Which is obvious enough.

McGarrett is still getting the contents of his father’s toolbox that was stolen in “Ke Kinohi”. Chin is going to lie to Internal Affairs, as he had been taking the blame for a theft that his uncle did from the evidence locker, and he wants to keep it that way.

This episode’s name means “Close to Heart”.


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