Hawaii Five-0 – Alaheo Pau'ole

“Alaheo Pau’ole”, episode twelve of season two of Hawaii Five-0, opens with three boys exploring an old, abandoned government bunker with a cave beneath it. In the cave is a body.

Joe is telling McGarrett that he hasn’t been able to find Shelbourne who, he said in the last episode, “Pahele”, is a person. Joe is also keeping something back from McGarrett, as he phoned someone and said that McGarrett was getting too close, so the person on the other end of the phone would have to be moved. This is all done to create suspicion for Joe’s motives. It seems doubtful he’s doing anything really underhand – could he be talking to Shelbourne?

McGarrett and Joe are heading to pick up Danny for the tuxedo fitting for Chin’s wedding – he had proposed to his once and present girlfriend at the beginning of “Ki’ilua” – and they find Danny and Lori handcuffed together for some reason. They end up going to the crime scene, but it turns out that the victim – in a rather zombie moment – isn’t actually dead.

The man seems to be a tourist, although he’s currently in a coma, but he was looking for a woman for some reason – and had drained his bank account before coming to Hawaii. During the investigation, they bump into Capt. Vincent Fryer, formerly of Internal Affairs and now Chief of Detectives, who is investigating the death of a woman; the same woman the man in a coma was looking for.

Adam Noshimuri, son of the Yakuza boss Joe kidnapped, comes looking for his father.

This episode’s name means “Gone Forever”.


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