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You can now use hashtags in Virily. Mine are #kimsphotos #thepack #mywalk

The ones I seem to use most are #photography, #nature, #dogs #pets #wildlife

What are yours? Do you have any favorites that you use more often than others? Do you like the idea of using hashtags?


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. There has been a search option on the left-hand panel since before the ability to add our own tags arrived. I’m unclear whether that search works only on tags or does it search the text (or title) of posts, and has its functionality changed?
    I don’t have favourite tags to use; I just think they should be relevant to the post. And there seems no point in using a very common tag, since your post will be buried among hundreds of others when someone searches on it.
    Gotta figure this out properly I guess 🙂

    • Just been chatting to Support about tags, and I’ve established that Virily’s search option does not distinguish between hashtags and regular text within a post. In other words, hashtags have no special functionality beyond regular text. Or to look at it more positively, all text is treated as a hashtag 🙂
      Try it yourself: do as search on something first with, then without, a #; you should get the same results!

    • When you make a new post now, it will be on the right hand side by the I agree and categories tabs. I guess from what Norman has said you do not need to use the #. Just the word works just as well. Like Norman also said, there is no use using general tags as they will be buried along with all the others. I do think everyone should make a personal tag though. Like my three. Thepack, Mywalk and Kimsphotos.


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