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I’m a real fan of #JADINE. I am fascinated by their unique love team and love story (in real life). For those who haven’t heard of them, here’s how I describe them:

1. They’re match made in heaven – because of their amazing connection. If you see them smiling together, you’ll feel loved.

2. Their love is true – they’re never hideous about their relationship. They are realistic.

3. They support each other – they let each other grow. Jealousy is not their type of thing.

By the way, #JADINE stands for James (Reid) and Nadine (Lustre). They are young couples from the Philippines. Obviously, they are one of our amazing celebrities here.

Hey, they’re musicians too… They sing, they dance, and many more. I think you will love their music. Go ahead get to know them… he-he!

I just love this couple so much, and I gotta share them with you. Hope they will inspire you finding your true love! Can’t wait to see how precious their kids will be. For now, they have puppies… so cute together!

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Written by Roselyn Mina

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