Hallow's Eve 2021

Saturday, 10.30.21

The month is nearing ritualistic sacrifice night of mass murder. But, so far, Irvine feels very quiet and peaceful, as I drove to the big post office to mail my association bill at eleven. The weather was nice–warm, sunny and mild. I returned home to make my steamed veggies lunch, topped with some chopped sweet onion and chopped avocado, as well as some spices. 

As I took out some avocado pits and olive pits for the squirrels, I noticed two squirrels playing together on a pine tree, chasing each other, up and down the tree, in a spiral path. They looked cute and sweet. I don’t know if they like olive pits. I will soon find out. 

I cleaned the cat litter box and opened the slide door, but kept the screendoor closed, because the weather looked nice outside. 

I plan to watch some Halloween movies on the indie channel today, while working on the internet. The lineup includes Rosemary’s Baby, Mulholland Dr, Chinatown, and Eyes Wide Shut. I have seen these movies before but they are all interesting, and I actually forgot Chinatown and Mulholland Dr. 

I added a snapshot of someone’s Halloween lawn decorations. I noticed more people are decorating their home nowadays.


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