Hair There and Everywhere

I don’t know how many of you remember what I thought was a rather crazy musical “Hair”. I never got to see it on Broadway but I got to see it as a movie. This musical became known as a “tribal love-rock musical” right when people were flashing peace signs. It premiered on Broadway in New York City on April 29, 1968, and gave us the now popularly known song “Aquarius”.

It was shown at The Biltmore Theater. The show had successfully moved from the East Village. It ran for six weeks and was very popular with the audience that saw it. It was also the very first rock musical that made it to the lights of Broadway. Another reason people went to see it was curiosity. Those that it did not shock were subjected to a scene at the end of the first act with the entire cast naked on stage under dim light.

Soon “Hair” was a smash hit and “Aquarius” became a number one hit for the group The Fifth Dimension. It was the sixties and love, peace and togetherness were at the top of the list and the show urged you to let the sunshine in.


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