5 Greatest Latino Lovers

Dark hair, sensual lips and sun kissed skin is the first thing that we see when we think about Latin men. They are famous because of the hotness, of course.

Let’s see some of the most gorgeous specimen of Latin origin. Ladies, enjoy the view!

#2 Miguel Angel Silvestre, actor

Silvestre planned on becoming a professional tennis player before he got injured and terminated his tennis career forever. Later, he wins Mister Castellón in 2002 and begins his actor career.
Miguel is known for his appearances in Pedro Almodovar's movie "Los amantes pasajeros" and in Netflix TV series Sense 8 as Lito Rodríguez. He will be starring in the third season of the popular Netflix series "Narcos". Mostly, his popularity is among the ladies, because of that looks. No words needed, here we have a real Latin lover.

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