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She Got What She Wanted – 2

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Andrea was quite attractive.   She was with a man who would have been unseen if he were walking on his own. But being with Andrea boosted him in Cara’s eyes, made him desirable.

Andrea managed the Bright Corner guest house,  and Max was apparently along for the ride.

She approached Max and spoke with him, playing the tourist, and he was chatty and friendly, and had a great smile.

A waitress came out with a meal for Max, and he, being a generous chap, invited her to share.

Cara took this invitation as a ‘goal’  and happily began to eat.

Suddenly Andrea was at the door and, thinking fast,  Cara told her;  “This lettuce is rancid…”  Andrea looked at Cara, at the  tete a tete,  took a piece of Max’s lettuce;  “You are right…”  and she turned and went inside.

Cara exhaled, that was close.


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Written by jaylar