Google Middle Age Barbie and Ken…RFLMAO

Monday, September 3, 2018

While browsing on my Facebook page and checking out different posts, I noticed a funny photograph of Middle Age Barbie.” I don’t think I can post the picture on here. So, I googled Middle Age Barbie and Ken, and I found image images of Barbie and Ken as middle age and senior citizens. They look like they are going through their middle age crisis and suffering with depression. It is funny, sad and scary.

I have always liked Barbie, especially the original one with an unrealistic body. I think when her body to give her an ordinary body, they messed her up. She is a doll, and she isn’t supposed to be perfect and realistic. I cannot believe how many stupid women out there are jealous of a damn doll that Mattel had to change a doll’s body into ugly women happy.

If I had a daughter, I wouldn’t buy her the new Barbie because it is now messed up and ordinary looking.


What do you think?


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