Golden Globes 2019 Promotes Pedophilia

Saturday, 1.12.19

This video is interesting about Johnny Depp as a puppet of the Illuminati. And, the Illuminati, CIA, and Hollywood all work together to promote satanic information to the masses because it is all a part of the Zionist New World Order agenda and One World Government.

He talks about the pedophilia connection at the Golden Globes 2019 awards show, which has to do with covering a cloth napkin over one’s head before eating a tortured songbird. The Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas movie also has an over-drugged Thompson, played by Johnny Depp, placing an orange napkin over his head. The pedophilia in the movie has to do with the character played by Christina Ricci. I have watched this movie, and it is like an Alice in Wonderland whimsical acid trip in Las Vegas, which is filled with Zionist Mafia, drugs, prostitution, and all kinds of corrupt acts. Remember, prostitution is legal in Nevada.

But the flu shots have a NWO connection, which is about the depopulation agenda.


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