Getting Into Ooga Chaka

Now don’t get excited this is not some new language nor have I flipped my lid. If you remember way back when a band called Blue Swede took a pretty decent song sung by B.J. Thomas and started off a new version with the added sounds of ooga chaka.

Now I know that the next question is What in the world does ooga chaka mean? Well according to information on the net is that some backup singers were creating a kind of “Indian” war chant and that the singer who was responsible for this was county and western singer George Jones when he sang the song “Running Bear”. But I’ll tell you that I listened to the Jones’ version of this song and I hear umpa punga or something. Anyway, it’s interesting how artists add creative things to songs and music.

The ooga chaka version by Blue Swede rose to number one on the U.S. charts in 1974. So the important thing is to do something creative whether others understand it or not and rise up above everyone else and become famous with what you have done.


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