Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2: My TV Episode Review

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 entitled “Stormborn” has just been aired via HBO (Home Box Office) last July 23, 2017. I just finished watching this and would like to share my epitome and review on this episode that will surely amaze you how things get going and the twists that will hinder Daenery’s plans to usurp Cersei from the Iron Throne.

So here are the epitome on the scenes and my reviews:

1. Daenerys reassured Lord Varys’ sworn allegiance to her, threathening him to burn him to ashes, if certain cases he will betray her. (I think Lord Varys is sincere to his sworn oaths).

2. Melissandre appeared to Daenerys and asked her to serve her, believing her as the one who was promised to bring the dawn and has a role to play like Jon Snow. He made mentioned Jon Snow that Tyrion Lannister supported her and made Daenerys to be more curious to know about Jon Snow. (Maybe it’s in their bloodlines that Targaryens should meet each other).

3. Jon Snow received a message thru a raven from Tyrion Lannister that he is summoned to see Daenerys at the Dragonstone, which he with Sansa and Ser Davos are having some little arguments. (I think Sansa’s a little afraid to be left by Jon Snow, or she’s not just ready yet to lead an army?)

4. The chosen lords from The Seven Kingdoms were summoned by Cersei to ask their support against the invasion plot and possible things that may cause dread if Daenerys will sit on the Iron Throne. (Cersei is indeed intimidated by Dany’s forces of invasion.)

5. Jaime Lannister met Samwell’s father and brother: Randyll and Dickon Tarly respectively, at the King’s Landing. Jaime asked Randyll for his allegiance to the queen, but Randyll still have his qualms as Olenna Tyrell can become his enemy if he will swear an oath, which he himself known Olenna since she was a child and had sworn an oath beforehand. (Randyll maybe had wonderful past memories with Olenna that he remained to be strongly bonded with the House Tyrell).

6. Samwell Tarly discussed with Archmaester Ebrose at the Citadel where Jorah was confined staying. There he told Ebrose that Shireen Baratheon had herself cured from greyscale by Archmaester Cressen. But he was told by Ebrose that her case was early cured while of Jorah was more advanced, which he finds it to be impossibly cured. (This greyscale condition can be tantamount as AIDS in our real world. tsk. tsk.)

7. Cersei’s Hand named Qyburn led her down to one of the secret dungeon where Robert hid the dead Balerion the Dread, a dragon whom Aegon ride before during the War of Conquest. He showed some of the finest weapons to Cersei, invented by the skilled artillators and blacksmiths of King’s Landing, and he analyzed that dragons can be killed since they can be wounded. (Qyburn has the best advice to the queen. He’s a bad ass.)

8. Ellaria Sand with Theon and Yara Greyjoy and Olenna Tyrell met Daenerys at the Dragonstone and all agreed for their allegiance to her. And Tyrion revealed to them the stronghold of the Lannisters: the Casterly Rock. He proposed that Unsullied headed by Grey Worm must take over first Casterly Rock in order to weaken the Lannister armies. (Tyrion you’re such a traitor to your own kin. hehe)

9. Missandei and Grey Worm made love and intimate revelations, as Grey Worm is to leave the first light to Casterly Rock to lead the Unsullieds. (tsk tsk kids watch out!)

10. Samwell discussed to Ebrose about some advanced treatment to cure an advanced greyscale condition of Jorah Mormont, only to receive an information that Archmaester Pylos, the one who did it was killed by greyscale too. The archmaester added up that his curing treatment were forbidden. (Samwell’s really loved to cure Jorah since he told him that he is a Mormont, that Samwell himself believes that he’s in good terms with the Mormont,  which he can prove that when he met his father Jeor Mormont once at the Castle Black, when he was one of the Lord’s Commander of the Night’s Watch).

11. Samwell went to Jorah and helped him to be treated by scraping the dead greyscales in his body and drew out the purulent liquid below his dead greyscaled skins one at a time. (Samwell can be a good doctor in the future.)

12. Arya paid a visit to Hot Pie, one of his former friends, there she heard a news that Jon Snow had already defeated the Boltons. (I think she will go first to Winterfell).

13. Jon Snow made his fixed decision to meet Daenerys at the Dragonstone where he could mine dragonglass, a secret weapon to kill the Army of the Dead. Though majority of his men and even her sister Sansa disapproved him, he made his final decision and he made Sansa as the temporary leader of the joint forces at the Castle Black. (Jon Snow is really eager to kill the White Walkers).

14. Finally Arya met Nymeria with her pack of wolves, only to left her when she asked her to come with her. Then, Arya said later that it’s not her. (I wonder whose dire wolf was that appearing on the scene. Maybe it’s really Nymeria. hehe quite confused. Somebody explain this to me.)

15. While the two Greyjoys (Theon and Yara) travelled back to Dorne with Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes, they were infiltrated by Euron Greyjoy’s Iron Fleet and invaded their ship. Ellaria’s two bastard daughters named Obara and Nymeria were killed by Euron. Ellaria with her real daughter Tyene together with Yara were captured by Euron, leaving Theon alive, who jumped out of the ship. (Well, I think this is a payback to Ellaria since he poisoned Cersei’s daughter Myrcella).

These are the epitomes on the scenes I’ve watched on this second episode of Game of Thrones’ latest season. I just can’t believe that Yara and Ellaria were captured. I think their captivity will be the next big story on the next episode entitled “The Queen’s Justice”. What will become of these two? If ever these two were to meet their demise, What will become of Daenerys’ alliance from the South and the East? Better watch out next episode!!!


What do you think?

Written by Trafalgar Law