Gal Gadot does not want Brett Ratley to produce the W W sequel


I am starting to wonder (no pun intended) if actress Gal Gadot who will be starring in her role as Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie “Justice League” if she really is starting to grow into her super heroine character.

What I know of the Wonder Woman character from the comic books of the 1970s was that Wonder Woman does not tolerate any male who threatens with physical harm or making love to her without permission.

There are reports that Gal Gadot will not reprise her role as Wonder Woman in the sequel for Warner Brothers Studios if Brett Ratley produces the sequel movie due to claims from many actresses in Hollywood who have issued complaints that Ratley allegedly sexually harassed them during the filimings of motion pictures that Ratler produced.

Just remember the rule of law in America. A person is innocent of any crime until proven guilty. I am not condoning any actions that males do to females and vice versa but what I see if that Gal is playing her roleas a real life Wonder Woman for her fellow actresses to able to work on a movie set without being harassed by their fellow employees.

Here is my point of view. It is likely that Warner Brothers Studios will have Ratley stay away from producing the Wonder Woman sequel since they do not to make their cash cow Gal Gadot leave the set playing the role of the  Big Three super heroes on D C Comics who are Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Some good advice for us to obey is not to invite Gal Gadot and Brett Ratner to the same party or else there will be a real life version of the boxing comedy movie “Grudge Match” that starred actors Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, Kevin Hart and Alan Arkin but without a director to yell “cut”. at the battle zone between Gadot and Ratley.

What do you think?

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