Full Moon 2.27.21 Insights

Friday, February 26, 2021

Full Moon on Saturday, February 27th. Tonight, when I went on a local walking meetup, I noticed the full moon. It was very bright, round, and glowing vibrantly against the dark sky. It already looks nice on Friday night. Tonight’s almost full moon already looks illuminated. I wonder how vibrantly bright it will look tomorrow.

Someone shot Lady Gaga’s dogwalker, and stole two of her three dogs. The dogwalker is in critical condition, but in stable condition.

Death till you part means until the love dies?

Virgo full moon on Saturday, February 27th, 8:17am PCT. It is an anal, OCD, and perfectionist full moon.

Tom Cruise auditions women for a wife because he is gay and he needs a beard. Kanye West is gay. George Clooney is gay. He likes his girlfriends dress up in cheerleading outfits. Martin Sheen is gay. Amal and Huma are relatives.

Aleister Crowley was a Satanist and pedophile. He is also Barbara Bush’ father. He opened is own cult because he thinks he is his own god. He did sex magick.

Exercise is the best cure for hot flashes. And, keep your body slim. Sweet Potatoes are good for hormone balance. And, male menopause sounds similar to women menopause.

For sleep paralysis, bathe in salt and vinegar.


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