Friday Night at the Indie Movies: Gook (2017) Q & A Discussion

Friday, August 25, 2017

At 7:00 pm, I decided to go across the street to watch an indie film, Gook (2017), which is about the racial tensions between Asians and Blacks in Los Angeles during the nineties. It was filmed in black and white, which was interesting and actually made it more authentic. I do remember watching those riots on TV, in which downtown LA was literally burning down and looters were literally breaking store windows in order to take things. It looked really scary from my television screen.  But, apparently, that time created racial tensions for the Koreans living in LA.

The movie theatre was packed with people, mostly Asians. After the movie, I decided to record most of the Q & A session in the theatre, where the director, Justin Chon, explained the movie, Gook, as well as the whole process of working on the film. Then, he answered some questions from the audience.

Gook actually means country, derived from Hangook.  It also means soup. But the US Military made it derogatory, often referring to Koreans, Filipinos, and Vietnamese as Gooks.


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