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In Fond Memory of Norman Bates


For those of you who recognize this character’s name, I hope it gives you some shivers. For those who have no idea who he is I will explain. He is a character in a movie directed by one of the most creative and spectacular movie directors Alfred Hitchcock. Who made horror movies the way they should be made and all of his affects you psychologically. It all began in 1960 when Hitchcock made the horror movie classic “Psycho” starring Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh. The movie was based on a 1959 novel by the same name written by Robert Bloch. The book was about the crimes committed by Wisconsin murderer and grave robber Ed Gein.

Now let’s get back to Norman. In the movie classic “Psycho” Norman Bates is brilliantly played by Anthony Perkins. Poor Norman doesn’t have his screws screwed too tightly all as a result of a mother who just didn’t raise him right and when she decided to invite a man into her life Norman killed both her and the guy. As a result of which Norman lives with the stuffed corpse of his mom hears her voice and becomes his mother all dressed up in a wig and dress when it’s time to kill someone. Let’s just say poor Norman was ruled by a domineering mother when she was alive and she continued dominating him even in death. The grisly shower scene in this move where Norman kills Marion, who was played by Janet Leigh, was so impressive that for a very long time I couldn’t take a shower alone in the house. That is what horror movie brilliance is all about making you psychologically afraid and Hitchcock knew how to do this best.


The reason I’m telling you about this movie and about Norman Bates is that I just recently had the chance to watch all of the rest of the Psycho movies. There are a total of four. Psycho II, Psycho III, and Psycho IV: The Beginning.  The rest of the Psycho movies were brilliantly directed by Norman himself, actor Anthony Perkins and he stars in all of them as well. In these movies, Perkins keeps the Hitchcock psychological mastery alive and well. You get to learn so much more about Norman and in a way you also learn to feel sorry for this poor deluded and insane man and yes, perhaps in a way to also love him. Just looking into his expressive eyes you see that he is more lost little boy than a grown-up man and somewhere deep down a glint of madness.


For all of you horror movies fans I highly recommend that you take a look at all of these movies and get to know Norman. You’ll like Norman even though he can be scary and as crazy as a loon. There was one more movie made in 1987 Bates Motel but this has nothing to do with Anthony Perkins or even Norman as in this movie he has supposedly died. Definitely see all of the Psycho movies – the original from 1960, Psycho II 1983, Psycho III 1986 and Psycho IV 1990.

Norman Bates also has his own Wikipedia page. It informs us that this poor boy was subjected to emotional abuse from his mother Norma. She kept telling him time and time again that is was a sin to have sexual intercourse and all women except for his sainted mother were loose and just wanted one thing from a man. So when his mom found herself a love Norman became extremely jealous and so gave them both a strychnine cocktail. Norman’s mind had seriously deteriorated and he picked up dissociative identity disorder which caused him to assume the personality of his mother. So once released from the asylum Norman returns home to the house his mother left him and the family business The Bates Motel. He and his mom’s corpse make great roommates until mommy gets jealous of any woman who shows up at the motel and “mommy” in the guise of Norman must kill her.


I don’t suppose on your next vacation you would want to stop at the Bates Motel. I bet Norman and his mom are still around. According to sources, there is a motel called the Norman Bates Motel in Tacoma, Washington.

When I finished watching all of these movies one more time I appreciated the psychological horror movie along with some murders as well so much more. In the end, however, after the final movie, it is great to know that Norman finally finds peace and love but you’ll have to take a look at the movies to find out how he made it through the darkness. The master of these kinds of horror movies Hitchcock died in 1980. I also miss Norman Bates who will never kill again since Anthony Perkins passed on in 1992.

In Norman Bates’ own words, “We all go a little mad sometimes.”

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  1. This really is a good summing up of Norman’s story.I am a fan of Hitchcock movies.Not only Psycho but others like Rebecca,The Birds,Rear Window,Vertigo etc.Of the psycho series,I do not remember watching psycho 4.After reading your post I think I should watch all of them together.Nice post,thank you.

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