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Flames of Love

My ears picked up a song I hadn’t heard in a long time and it brought back some memories. I decided to look into who the singer was. Most of you probably have not heard of him but his song “Flames of Love” is really worth listening to.

The singer of this song goes by the name of Fancy but his real name is Manfred Alois Segieth. He is a German disco singer who became popular in the mid to late 1980s. He is considered to be a Spanish German producer, songwriter and pop singer. His international career began in 1984 with his worldwide disco hit “Slice Me Nice”.

His second hit was “Chinese Eyes” which rose to second place on the U.S. Billboard Dance Charts.  Another hit was “Come Inside”. In Spain, he rose to number one on the charts with “Bolero”. In the mid-1980s he came out with nine singles in a row in Germany. His biggest hit of all remains “Flames of Love”.

He remains active in the world of music.


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