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Hi verilians!!

My name is Amarbir Sandhu but expect for family members nobody has been able to remember and pronounce my name properly so you could also call me by the name of Amar.

So, a little something about me, I promise to keep it short and sweet so that you can do other stuff like whatever you want ( who am I tell you what to do ).

I live in the city of Mumbai in India and I am both an introvert and an extrovert because I feel it’s a crucial skill for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur because you have to be able to transition between these 2 skills if you want to be successful.

Atleast that is what I think. If you disagree with me then let know about it in the comments section below.

So in my school days I was a pretty studious chap like every other person is hopefully, but as years progressed I started becoming less interested towards my studies and more interested towards playing sports. So in order to fulfill this newly developed interest of mine I tried to qualify for the football team at my school but failed, why, because of following my friends advice and making a complete mess out of a simple penalty shootout. I think so I would have been successful if I had gone through with my gut instinct instead of friendly advice ,but , nevermind. So now I just stuck to playing sports in my society garden with my friends i.e. colony friends and continued with my studies. I studied pretty hard and especially for my 10th standard (last year at school, yayy) slogged it out and got a mere 70% for my 10th Standard results. My friends got 80-90% and here I was with 70% marks. The only good thing was that one of my friend got 65%. Otherwise, I was looking at 80, 85, 90,92% marks. So not cool for me but awesome for my friends. Anyways, most of what I learnt in my school was soon forgotten except for ABCD, 123, and some other important stuff. Till date, I’m waiting to find application of x and y in my daily life. Status of that:- unsuccessful.

Moving on, I decided to pursue my passion for cricket and dedicated the next 5 years of my life to it. This was a lot of fun because I accidentally learnt a lot about management and especially prioritization and guess what those type of skills are very important to become a successful ENTREPRENEUR.

So for everyone curious, my schedule/daily routine consisted of 7 hours college & sleep which I adjusted accordingly, 3 hours of study time i.e. an hour and sometimes 2 hours of accountancy tuition and an hour of self-study and my most cherished 7-8 hours of cricket practice which I thought would lead me to stardom, but boy-o-boy was I wrong. Anyways, I tried so I have very little to regrets about that.

Would you guys like to know the the most challenging aspect of this routine? I know you do, therefore, here it’s at your service, the most challenging aspect was transitioning from the cricket practice to the late night studies which frankly, I rarely ever managed, and that’s why I used to get up early in the morning to study in order to compensate for this. Another reason for this my parents consistently reminding me the fact ” No studies= No cricket”. Therefore, I decided to undergo all of this just to achieve a dream I later gives up on.

5 years into the future, I quit playing cricket as you already know and started to learn more about internet marketing. The reason for this is I was making very sluggish progress in my cricket career and it was also getting pretty expensive to pay 4-5 thousand rupees to a private coach. So, let’s quit and move forward with “Internet Marketing” was what I thought and followed up with.

Regarding, internet marketing , which what I do most of the day besides studies, currently I haven’t begun any venture but I’ve acquired a lot of skills from studying other people’s approach to business which I intend to capitalize on in the long-run. As of now, I am currently looking to build tons and tons of friendly relationships over here by creating a lot of useful content and I would be very grateful if anyone currently reading this can do me a favour and down comment down below regarding the content they would like to read. This would ACCOMPLISH 2 things:- a). I can quickly come up with a schedule for my post. b). You guys don’t have to wait very long before reading another fascinating and entertaining post like this. But if you don’t want to help a friend out, I can understand.

So, with that, I’m wrapping up this post which was supposed to be a brief introduction about me and my life but it has turned out to be quite a long read which hopefully everyone reading this here has experienced I.e. a wonderful journey into my life which you know a lot more about before you 1st started reading the post. Congratulations for reading till here ?.

Alright, until next time, comment, vote, follow, etc, so that you can go do the next interesting thing you were going to do.

Have a nice day and enjoy.


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  1. The first line made me laugh. Okay Amar, glad to meet you!! You have come to the right place to make friends. There are a lot of friendly folks around here as you will soon see. Love your first post! The two pictures are great, the one showing the streets and of course who doesn’t love cute Shih Tzus! I think what we would like to see is more of your neck of the woods, in both photos and your experiences since you really have a knack for writing.

    • Atleast someone gets it. That’s a relief. I’ve recently started to develop these skills to become a top-notch Entrepreneur to make my mom proud and also help many other people in the process. Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated. Have a nice day.


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