Filling up my calendar…

Thursday, 9.23.21

At 6:30pm, I went to Woodbridge for a book meetup, mostly to encourage myself to read more if I am reading with a group. Everyone brought their own book, which is better because everyone has different reading interests. I prefer fiction because it is more fun to read. We read for an hour and chatted a little bit before everyone went their separate ways. 

I returned home at 9 pm and noticed I received a dinner invitation at a local restaurant for a retirement plan seminar in my mailbox. That sounds interesting. I need to think about my retirement at my age, and what will likely be my future lifestyle. I called the 1-800 24-hour number to make a reservation, but I guess the line was busy. So, I reserved online because it was faster. It appears to be very close, in my neighborhood, actually near Mother’s Market, which is 2 miles away. I have never heard of the restaurant because I don’t eat out much. I wrote the invitation on my calendar, under the first week of October. 

I remembered to take out the trash for Friday morning pickup.

I haven’t gone to the gym all week because I have been waking up late. 


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