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Fighting with My Family film review

The new product of British director and screenwriter  Stephen Merchant tells the viewer a typically Hollywood but completely British origin wrestler’s success story, which went from an unknown wrestler to superstar and two-time champion in WWE. It’s the movie created by a true story. 

This is, first of all, another film about the formation of man and movement in order to achieve his own dream. Saraya Knight has a large family, each of the members who were engaged in wrestling. Father, mother, two brothers – they go to battles against each other, playing the usual power and acrobatic numbers.

They have their own promotion if you can call it a couple of dozen fans of this kind of sport who go to training and shows. However, each family member has a dream similar to all those who are passionate about this action – to get into the largest promotion of the world, which is WWE.

Therefore, when a fighter selection and development manager arrives in Britain, Saraya and her older brother go to the tests, after which the girl, the only Englishman, enters the training camp in Florida.

Of course, in real life, the way of Saray was much longer and more difficult than it was shown in the film. In addition, the path of kindness and mercy, played by Florence Pugh, was differed from the path of the British wrestler, who later became involved in many scandals, including intimate ones.

However, despite this, the film solves all the tasks assigned to it. Firstly, from the formal, exaggerated side of the artistic image, it shows the insides of WWE with a bias on the wrestling internationality.

Secondly and most importantly, it forms a motivational resource for young people who love the show with all their hearts and want to achieve the highest result in their lives.

If you remember the real story of Sarah-Jade Bevis, who became WWE Divas champion at 21, you can understand that “Fighting with your family” does not claim to get Oscar, but it has enough wittiness, heart, and energy to make watching even fun for those who have never been interested in wrestling.

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