Felt Like Summer Weather Today

Friday, 8.27.21

I went to Mother’s Market to buy vitamins, week’s veggies and fruit, and my early dinner from their deli–one slice of warm veggie pizza and a warm bean/cheese burrito. After paying for my groceries, I sat outside in the cafe area and ate my early dinner. I noticed a woman buy the large watermelon state that the larger ones are sweet. I bought a small watermelon. I hope it is OK. I also bought melon and honeydew. I think these are summer fruits–juicy and thirst quenching. I noticed today was very warm, much warmer than the rest of the summer. But there was still a nice breeze. I have a feeling that September will be the hot month, this year.

I returned home and got ready for my walking meetup at Woodbridge Community. 11 people showed up, which is bigger than usual for this meetup. I walked 4.5 miles and 12,358 steps. The weather was nice, but warmer than usual. It is starting to feel like summertime. The temperature today was in the 80s, but 65 degrees at night. 

I returned home, feeling thirsty and tired. 


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