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Family Reunion on Netflix

I have another review for you on a TV show I watched on Netflix called Family Reunion.

The McKellon Family lives in Seattle and went to Columbus, Georgia for a family reunion. While there the parents decided without consulting the kids that they wanted to move back to Georgia and be near family. They thought it would be the best things for the kids to be around family. The oldest daughter was not happy. She did not want to go the reunion. She wanted to go to a party in Seattle with her friends until she met this cute guy in Georgia. Before they went back to Georgia they rented an RV and traveled around. They really had some adventures. One adventure they went to this restaurant and there was this cute guy and when they were leaving he wanted Jade’s , the oldest daughter, phone number. She thought he wanted it himself, but, he wanted her to be a 3rd wife to his Dad. They got out of there as fast as they could. Another adventure they had they thought they hit a raccoon so wanted to bury it, but, it started to move. They opened the bag they put him in, and he attacked the father and then one of the boys tried to get it off and it attacked him too. They finally got it off of them and they thought it was gone. It appeared with friends and they got in their RV as quick as they could and drove off. As soon as they got to Georgia they did not look in great shape. The father had bandages all over his face. They were so happy when they arrived. It is very funny show and lots to see in it. I will tell you that the cute guy named Drew and Jade did not work out. She met this other boy but her father did not approve of him and he would not let her invite him to her birthday party. There is so much more that happens that I do not want to spoil it for you. I want you to check it out for yourself and see if you enjoyed it as much as I did. One more thing I will say there has to be more to it because where it stopped could not be the end of it. So I am waiting to see if more will come another time.

I recommend it highly, but, not everyone has the same taste. I say check it out before you dismiss it.


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  1. Doc,
    You are so right. Netflix has changed Tv viewing. I would recommend it to people. Here for me it is cheaper than the cable I had before. The cable I had before would send out technicians but they did not know how to solve the problem and the programs would be repeats and it was not worth it. I was very happy when Netflix came here.

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