Expensive Pampers for Chicken birds – Trending in America

In some major US cities, rich people now have begun to plant poultry instead of Cats and pets. But due to spot Fuzla, the chicken are being worn expensive pampers. People of Denver , New York and Los Angeles are keeping high stranded pet chicken due to their status and pampering these chicken birds like we pampers of kid.

Looking at this trend, a lady from New Hampshire Julie Baker has made expensive and fashionable pampers for chicken birds, and she earned daily 500 -600 USD

10 years ago, Julie started this business in a small farm with her daughter. Meanwhile, after watching a video, She thought that she should not be worn because of poultry waste to keep the house clean. After that, Julie developed various sizes and design pampers.

After this several owners of the chicken farmer contacted Julie, and then Julie opened an online Pampers  store with her daughter in 2010 and called ‘Pamper poultry’.  She became famous of that she started getting orders from the whole country.

Now they are selling 500 to 1000 diapers in a month, the price is up to 10 to 22 dollars per dollar.

There are also lights, temperature, air and security for the birds, Which are controlled by WiFi and Smartphone. The value of these systems is up to Rs 20 lakhs.

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