EU, Russia,China,Iran,Turkey,Ukrain to Introduce Joint dollar Soon to defeat the US Dollar

Ankara: Turkey announces trade in local currencies from China, Russia, Iran and Ukraine. Turkey has arrested American pastor Andrew Brenson in charge of spying and helping terrorists and he is facing legal action.The United States had strongly condemned the arrest of the priest and President Trump demanded the release of the priest. Since then, relations between the two countries are tense. But now again the US has imposed taxes on steel and aluminum on Turkey , diplomatic relations between the two countries have become very tense again. Turkey’s currency value has decreased due to increase in productivity by the President Trump.Turkey said Turkey will trade in local currency with Russia, Iran, and Ukraine and few more countries.

Turkish President further said, We are planning to launch own dollar in collaboration with Russia, China , Ukraine, Pakistan, and Iran , and few more counties that will trade in own dollar with world. It is just because of President Trump unusual behavior.

Turkish President further said we are also in connection with EU on this matter and we strongly hope that EU will agreed to joint dollar currency for trade purpose.Turkish President added, While European countries want to get rid of the dollar, we can also set the system for them.

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