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Eren’s Challenge, episode 018 part two, Irreverent Green Runt

Eren’s Challenge

By Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 018, Irreverent Green Runt

With InUPress

Written on January 26, 2018.

Part one published on Virily on February 13, 2018.

Part two published on Virily on February 20, 2018.

We now continue Eren’s Challenge episode 018 part two, ‘Irreverent Green Runt,’

Lezmor 25 of 78

“You’ll be dealing with me. I’m the Royal Regional Gov Tax Office assessment claims manage Havar. I’ll be there for 6 pm.” He confirms.

My guts are churning again as I move around on the chair trying to get comfortable. “End call.”

I hear the comforting clicks of the disconnect sound as I turn to Tol. “Can you be in your room until they leave?”

Chuckling the gnoll avoids grinning as he humorously replies, “Maybe.”

I chuckle. “What’ll keep you in your room?”

He sits near me sighing. The small palomino takes a tablet device from his belt pouch. Logs in then keys a screen, and he starts to light up with a grin but stops himself with a glance at me. He offers me the tablet. “The company of a friend.”

I look at the pic on the screen. It’s him standing next to an amber-green female gnoll easily several inches shorter than him. “Who’s the green runt?” I ask.

Getting stiff, with the fur on his back and neck rising, Tol utters in a snarl. “My intended mate. Kya, an irreverent little beast who works for Master Jut.”

Reverently handing back the gnoll’s tablet. “My apology, no offence intended. But she is small. Of course, she can come over, and you two can irreverently play in your room. But keep the noise to a minimum until Havar leaves … please?”


As Es walks in, an hour later I rush to embrace her in a bear’s hug and plant a passionate kiss on her lips. I languish in her sweet floral scent.

She responds returning the embrace with passion and lips matching mine.

We separate as Tol enters the room. I say, “How was work?”

Es sits after removing her silken red high-heels. “Well, it was odd … as the Ambassador insists on meeting you soon.”

Gurgling a groan from my chest, I look at Es. “What did you reply?”

“That I’d talk with you.” She smiles as she looks me in the eyes.

Considering the news, I look at Tol then back to Es. “Tell him that night after tomorrow. That he’s invited and I’ll serve supper for us.”

She nods.

Lezmor 26 of 78 

The ring of the doorbell disturbs my preparation of the files from 77. I had gone through them making sure everything was in order as reported for that year to the tax depart. Just as I had when I did my tax report. I saw no glitches in 77 or now. But I’m no tax auditor or professional accountant.

Es opens the front door letting in the rather obtrusive five-foot eight-inch man in his late fifties who obviously enjoys his food quite well, appearing to be a little over two-hundred pounds.

My quick assessment of the man this morning from his social media and web files was of a jovial but precise man who gets to the point. Let’s see the business front.

“Good-day Master Havar. I see you found my address well enough.”

He shucks off his rain slicker, handing it to Es. “I had to backtrack a bit. Did you notice how 458 Street connects with yours and the GPS matches their addresses to yours, even mistaking your address?”

I chuckle light-hearted, actually aware of this. “No, but then I’ve never trusted the GPS systems in cars.”

He laughs like a musical tenor harp, before replying. “Actual neither do I. That’s why I use my Com, hooked up by the hands-free. But the maps for the area must be off a bit.”

Gesturing inside I step to the side so Havar can enter.

He carries in an old-fashioned brown horse-leather carrying case for files in one hand and a modern double security titanium-tumbler locked briefcase in the other, which he had set aside briefly to remove his slicker.

He seems confident, as he, bold as a hen house rooster, strides in and walks straight to the kitchen table.

Seeing the two file boxes of receipt and invoice folders, he smiles brightly. “A man after my sensibilities, Master Eren … prepared to start to work right off. I like that and appreciate it.”

I look over at my computer console monitor. Three red lights glow on my monitor. Damn, the mans’ heavily bugged for surveillance and he’s armed.

I move to stand by my liqueur shelf. “A drink perhaps … to take the edge off?”

He shakes his head and chuckles. “Normally on a social visit, sure. This isn’t social … Master Eren.”

Nodding once, I sit at the table across from him.

Es takes a seat as far away from us as possible in the living room.

I offer. “Tea, java, water?”

“Master Eren … there were numerous irregularities in your tax report of 77. We discovered these when comparing your last ten years of reports. I’d like to confirm your records to solve the conundrum we see. Can you explain the drastic increase in expenses, but yet no increase in income over the previous years, for 77? Yet you had no savings account.”

I almost choke. It’s an obvious set up as I’m careful with reporting expenses year over year and there were no such irregularities. “A sock under my bed? I don’t recall spending any more in 77 than any other year … Havar.”

My investigation when Angel asked us to look into Havar indicated a wee touch of addiction to sweets and sodas.

I rise and retrieve a grape soda along with a Resist Dark Bounda Sweetened Cocoa Bar. Sitting again, I twist open the lid of the soda bottle then unwrapped the black-glyphed paper wrapper of the bar. This damn thing cost me ten credits over at Greda’s Specialty Sweets.

I take a small bite of the thick pocketed bar and letting the cocoa and buttered sweet sauce centre melt in my mouth as the fool, drooling, stares at me. With his reaction, I think the bar is worth the ten credits.

“Excuse me, continue, ask me for the expense receipts in question. I’ll see if I can find them.” I take another small bite to allow a dribble from the centre to drip onto the table, while the bite melts in my slightly open mouth.

He’s lost, with his hands trembling, trickles of drool in the corner of his mouth as he stares at the bar. Yes! Weakness. But has he found mine? Deep research pays off well.

This ends this Eren’s Challenge episode 018, ‘Irreverent Green Runt,’ written by, Kenneth Shumaker.

May the words stay with you!

To be continued in the next Eren’s Challenge episode 019, ‘Red Rundle Rent.’

© 2018 by Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press

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