Eren’s Challenge, E012, Orange God Life, part two

Orange God Life

Eren’s Challenge

By Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 012, Orange God Life

With InUPress

Written: October 13, 2017

Posted on Virily: Part one: November 5, 2017

Posted on Virily: Part two: December 3, 2017 

In Kenneth Shumaker’s Eren’s Challenge, we enter the world of the robotics research technician, a mature humal male, Eren Mallet. During Eren’s 5th Galaxy Palcard sector journey, he encounters hazards with his friend, Esmelda(Es) Lantora, the mature humal female who is an ambassador’s administrator. The pair struggle with adventures and dramatic developments while in the metropolitan industrial trade city of Goral, on the planet of the Krenar. Here, they fight with bureaucrats and the Hean priestly hierarchy.

We continue now with Eren’s Challenge episode 012 part two, ‘Orange God Life’ on …

Lezmor 8th RD 78

Angel grins, which sets off my belly laughter yet again, triggering her own barking gnoll laughter. Angel calms before answering in a more refined New Goren than I’m used to from her. “Gowa, I am an administrator by schooling, by tradition in family and clan as a hereditary trade. I am an explorer by nature. When your people arrived in our system, I mistakenly allowed my nature to win my heart and mind. Those of us who came here cannot return home. This is dictated by our laws and the customs of our people. Explorers are not welcome home, due to the possible introduction to our society of unknown influences and diseases.”

Grunting harshly, I pat her paw gently in sympathy and reply softly. “So, by the ruling of your Orange god, we’re stuck with each other, whether we like each other or not. So let’s decide that we like each other and make it easier on us?”

Grinning gnoll fashion, bearing all her teeth comically again, Angel causes another outbreak of laughter between us.

Then Angel surprises both me and the med tech who is walking into the room. She bends over and reaching down – Angel embraces me in a human hug. Slowly backing away, she utters, “I knew we’d see things the same way. After all, the Orange god decrees you and I have kindred spirits, Vel Hundor. Do you know what Vel Hundor means in my language, gowa?”

Shaking my head sharply, I then respond, “No, but for a change, I’m guessing it’s not an insult?”

Patting my shoulder with a relaxed paw, she replies, “You are correct, Vel Hundor. In my dialect it means Spirit Warrior … or in another dialect, the translation is True Warrior. The term is a sign of high respect and shows acceptance of the person into one’s clan or family. It was a deep sign of respect from Lieutenant Unhrah for her to call you Vel Hundor. Don’t disrespect that or waste it. You, I take it, do not fully understand the respect you show calling us as an elder, a Paragon, either. It is our sign of highest rank of respect to another. It is also open derogatory adulerting flattery if misused … do not use either term lightly.”

Leaning back down on my elbows, I curse. “Gors, I’ve been showing you two the highest respect all this time? What a waste!” Angel replies by swinging her arm, knocking my arms out from under me so that I fall back onto the bed. We both burst out laughing.

The startled tech’s eyes go wide as he clears his throat, having been too stunned by our banter up to this point to speak. Stammering he clears his throat.

Growling deeply, Angel glares at him. He backs up and bows, saying, “Excuse me, Great One. Angel, with your permission, we are ready to release Eren now.”

Gleefully, with a yip, Angel leaps from sitting on the bed to stand on her pawed bare feet. Turning to me, she says, “Get out of here and go home. My boys are tired of watering and looking after your plants in your house.”

I offer Angel my hand to shake, saying, “Thank you, despite spending 25-k of my credits here. Your payment of fifty-k credits to me for the saving of your mates leaves me with a tidy sum still, and I noticed you paid Es forty-k as well. I heard that you sent one of your diplomats with a message to both of our employers, saying that we were in vehicle accidents and are recovering in ICU in a military installation, saying as well that we’re not being allowed visitors … nice of you … thanks, Angel. Not a gowa stunt, that. By the way what the Gor is a gowa?”

Winking one of her long bushy eyelids, Angel replies slyly, “A gowa is something like a cross between your rabbit and a large sheep, with the temperament of your terrestrial mouse. Stupid, timid, social, hyper, and a fast breeder. Good food, easy to breed domesticated, but they tend to die easily from fright.”

Shuddering at possibly being compared to a gowa, I shrug off the image. “I’m getting dressed and going home. Get out of here now … thanks for the hospitality.”


Arriving home quickly, driven by Angel’s goon ride, I rapidly lock the door behind me and thoroughly go through my house with my scanners, searching for eves devices. Finding three observation devices: one in the living room, one in my bedroom, and the third in my office. I swiftly and carefully neutralize the very well placed concealed devices. I thoroughly clean, my house and do the laundry before cooking a seven-course gourmet supper. Then, I shower with the sonic dry shower after cleaning the kitchen. Finished with cleaning my home and myself, I go to bed exhausted at midnight, anxious for work at the office tomorrow with the Archy project.

This ends this episode of Eren’s Challenge, which was written by, Kenneth Shumaker.

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Written by Kenneth Shumaker

With a love of fantasy and science fiction, I took first to writing science fiction. Then after years of role-playing gaming, I started writing fantasy soon crossing over into sci-fi fantasy. Writing primarily in these three and becoming traditionally published I saw how other writers struggled as well, so I took to helping by writing discussion papers and other non-fiction articles. After years of writing and a few years of being traditionally published I started my own publishing imprint and publish other authors further expanding available reading material.


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  1. Thank you, Carol. I posted part one of episode 013 before this, forgetting to finish posting episode 012. My bad, sorry.

    Are you continuing to read?

    Where did you pick up starting the series at?

    I’m trying to keep the episodes short enough to post in one shot. But even just posting the episodes, they’re getting too long again. I have a habit of 2,000-3,000-word articles. Which don’t fit in 7,000-character slots.

    • Thank you, Carol. I posted part one of episode 013 before this, forgetting to finish posting episode 012. My bad, sorry.

      Are you continuing to read?

      Where did you pick up starting the series at?

      I’m trying to keep the episodes short enough to post in one shot. But even just posting the episodes, they’re getting too long again. I have a habit of 2,000-3,000-word articles. Which don’t fit in 7,000-character slots.

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