Energetic Psychic Reading on Bobby Brown

Friday, March 5, 2021

Robert Barisford Brown was born on February 5, 1969.

Energetic psychic reading on the living Bobby Brown. He has control-based issues. His daughter died in 2015, after being found in the bathroom like Whitney, which is an Illuminati ritual about portals to the other side. His son also died in November. His name was also Bobby Brown. His daughter was Bobbie Kristina Brown. Both Bobbie and Whitney were found face down in the bathtub, which is obvious it was a double murder Illuminati blood sacrifice. Whitney was murdered before the bathtub ritual.

Whitney needed Bobby because he was perfect for her cover, probably because she was a lesbian or bisexual. Whitney was doing drugs since she was 9, and she occasionally smoked cigarettes. She was also sexually molested from a female family member when she was young.

Yeah, I agree that most celebrated don’t get into the business because of their talent or skills. Rather, the family is connected with the Illuminati, and she was groomed to do what she did as a celebrity. Her looks and talent just helped her pull it off.

Whitney group up in a mafia gangster family, where her father was an assassin.

Nick Gordon is connected to many of the death. But he eventually died. Robin is also connected.

Bobby Brown also signed a contract that he couldn’t get out of, but he can escape it on the other side.  He isn’t fully in his body because he isn’t living in the present moment.


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