Emily in Paris Reviews

Tuesday, 3.16.21

I was bored. So, I decided to watch more Emily in Paris reviews because the videos are entertaining. It is interesting to see what each person thinks about this show that I don’t really care to watch anyway. Most people stated that it sucked in some way, but few people enjoyed it because it is light and lame, mostly for the fashion fantasy theme.


Good, Bad, and Ugly review of Emily in Paris review

it has the same vibe as Sex in the City.

Unrealistic scenes and ideas.

Old ideas from 50s through 80s embedded in a 2021 series.

Inaccurate depiction of French people, French culture, and French fashions.

French is not a “white” city. It is filled with diversity of language and culture.

Writing, storytelling and acting sucked. But she liked it because it is light and fun fantasy series.

#3 Social Media Coach Reacts To Emily In Paris

Social Media Marketer talks about Emily’s job and if it is accurate.

Emily has 48 followers?

Gaining Instagram followers all of a sudden?

Emily explaining SEO is inaccurate?

This Youtuber seems to like the show, and she appears to give it an average rating for entertainment.

I still think Emily should have been a Callgirl. It probably would have made the series more interesting. 


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