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Elusive Butterfly

I was starting out to write about one of my favorite songs in 1966 “Elusive Butterfly” but then I noticed that this year there were many hits that came out. Most of these songs people still know today just by their titles.  There was everything to like and nothing to not like of course depending on your choice of music. The best way I can do some tribute to the songs of this year is as follows:

A Wild Thing came into town

There is felt Good Vibrations

and he created some Hanky Panky.

So they told him You Can’t Hurry Love,

but it was Summer in the City

and he said

These Boots Were Made For Walking

and he walked to the Poor Side of Town.

There he had his

19th Nervous Breakdown

and hopped a Yellow Submarine

 as he sailed out of town he said he was

California Dreamin’.

There you have it a poem full of songs of 1966 and those are not all of the songs on the chart so it was a super year 

The one song that stands out the most for me is “Elusive Butterfly” by Bob Lind. This song was written by Bob Lind and came out in December of 1965. It rose to number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and also on the Adult Contemporary chart the following year 1966. His inspiration for the song was that love was as elusive as a butterfly. Since then it has been sung by many different artists and is included in their albums. However, this original version is the one I love the best. 


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