Dr Sleep, Sequel to The Shining, movie review (2019)

Friday, November 15, 2019

This evening, I drove to the Metro Pointe shopping area, adjacent to South Coast Plaza, for a movie meetup, but I went a little early to browse in the area. I was surprised to notice that that area had been remodeling. It looks a lot nicer than I remember it because I used to shop at Nordstrom Rack and Marshalls a lot, as well as occasionally stopping at Best Buy. I noticed a Bloomingdales Outlet, which was interesting to browse because I didn’t know it was there. There was also another outlet store, filled with fashionable accessories, such as shoes, purses, and scarves. Some were designer brands. Saks 5th Off, The Container Store, and Old Navy are also there, as well as restaurants for hungry shoppers.

At 6 pm, I decided to go inside the movie theater because that is where everyone will meet. I was early, and I decided to get something simple and small to eat. So, I bought the Pretzel Bites with cheese dip. The pretzel pieces were warm and soft, straight out of the oven. I bought my ticket, went inside, ate my food and drank some water while I waited inside Auditorium 9 for the movie Dr. Sleep. I noticed for this theater, you get to pick your seat when you buy a ticket, and I chose my usual place, way in the back in the highest and last row, center, seat number L10. I think most of the group sat a lot lower, somewhere in the middle section, closer to the screen.

Dr Sleeper is the sequel for The Shining. Little Danny Torrance is grown up, trying to deal with his special powers. He telepathically communicates with a young black who has the same mind powers. There are also dark evil people who live like gypsies, and allure young kids for sacrifice because they live on these kids’ energy in order to live a long life on earth. They reminded me of vampires and the Elites in society, which was quite disturbing. Dan and the young black girl, Abra, work together to fight these dark, evil and parasitic people. It is a suspenseful thriller. It is more of a drama than horror. There were some flashback scenes from The Shining, as Dan deals with his past at the Overlook Hotel. The evil parasitic people hunt for Dan and Abra, who are on the run. The forest scene reminded me of youtube videos about the Elites hunting kids in the woods. But in this movie, it was mostly a mind war, although they all had guns and/or knives.


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