Down On the Corner

Down On the Corner” is a song by the American band  Creedence Clearwater Revival. It was included in their fourth album Willie and the Poor Boys in 1969. The song tells the tale of a fictional band Willy and the Poor Boys and how they play on street corners asking for change. The song has been covered by many artists but I love this version the best.

I was reminded of this song today people watching. Around here in Daytona Beach corners are the places people meet and decide which way to go. I have a great view outside the window near which I work on my PC. When I see people walking their dogs I know that once they pass by and briefly stop by the corner to let their dogs sniff and cars pass by they will soon return again heading home.

The house is also close to a convenience store so you also see people pass by and gather by the corner then head in a group to the store. Soon they return with bags full.  I will be going out tomorrow just to walk about so I will check out other corners.


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