Double Shot of My Baby’s Love

This was a real catchy and fun song to listen to by a group called The Swingin’ Medallions back in 1966. It begins telling the story of a guy passing out in his girlfriend’s front yard not due to drink but due to the fact that he got too much of her potent love.  The song landed the group on the charts. Unfortunately,  there were radio stations that banned the song because it referred to drinking and to sex and the lyrics according to some were racy.

The Swinging Medallions were an American beach music group coming from Greenwood, South Carolina. In 2009 they joined one of the top rock and rollers Bruce Springsteen onstage during a concert and performed “Double Shot of My Baby’s Love” since Springsteen had done a cover version of this song and that is the version I have provided.


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  1. i look forward to the songs you share – often a trip down memory lane, or a trip down a road I have never walked musically.

    This one is a memory road trip. I remember the Springsteen cover of Double Shot of my love!


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