Donald Trump’s adviser George papa dopoulos sentenced to Jail for 14 Days in Mueller probe

The US court has sentenced the former Trump’s adviser George Papa dopoulos for 14 days. George Pappulus, former adviser of US President and adviser at the time of election, has been sentenced to 14 days in prison for misleading the misconduct and investigation committee from the FBI.

After completing the sentence, he will also have to spend 12 months in strict supervision and under watch and apart from this he will serve community for 200 hours and also he will pay $ 9500 as penalty.

George was the first partner  Trump, who was asked to investigate the Russian intervention in the US presidential election in 2016. It is alleged that he kept facts  secretly hidden during the inquiry.

President Trump’s six colleagues have been sentenced to jail in connection with  Russia’s influence on presidential election, In which Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has to face punishment for FBI, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, Alexein van, George Papo dopoulos and Richard pinedo. In addition, in the American presidential election, 13 Russian citizens and 12 Russian officers have also been made Cases against them.


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