Donald Trump breeders and their mental balance are worsening – Omarosa Newman

Washington: Former adviser of US President Donald Trump, Omarosa Newman, declared Trump guilty of racism, said that Trumps are racist and their mental balance is worsening. I’ve seen many times using Hubshi words for “black” Americans. One day  In a meeting he started stealing angry paper.

Omarosa wrote in her book “Unhinged” which is written on the memories of white house the days she spent, and declared Donald Trump as white supermist, and not only that, but the trump’s brain balance also claims to worsen. She also said that Trump used racist words several times for his Philippine adviser husband.

Claiming that Trump’s mental balance is gradually worsening, she writes that in a meeting I saw them cheated paper in anger. Newman has added in the book that in December 2017, she was offered $ 15,000 for for not exposing him while dismissing her, but she refused this offer. and The trump has shown a strong reaction against the Newman.

Trump Terminating the words of Newman, Trump used  “public” language for her.

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