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Disco Duck

This is a test of the memory system. Who remembers Disco Duck? Back in 1976, an ambitious DJ named Rick Dees decided that radio listeners needed some really delightful and amusing entertainment. He created a novelty record titled “Disco Duck”. As usual with songs like this when you least expect it they become hits and on October 15, 1976, this song was at the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 just in time for America’s Bicentennial year.

At that time Rick Dees worked at WMPS in Memphis, Tennessee when he made the decision that the disco craze was ready for a parody record. So he went home and wrote the song. It was recorded on a local label in Memphis and “Disco Duck” made its first big quack in Alabama and then waddled across the states. Finally, Dees convinced RSO label to release the song nationally.

Even though this was the only hit Dees ever had he was hired as a DJ on L.A. station KIIS-FM and became the host of the internationally syndicated Rick Dees’ Top 40 Countdown. He was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame.


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