Dimash Kudaibergen – My Heart Will Go On – Hainan International Film Festival 2018

By now, most people here should know that I love music and good singers. I play 8 musical instruments. I’ve written songs. I met my wife when I was running, playing, and singing at a jam session. I currently sing in a church choir. My mother, brother, and grandfather were all amateur musicians. Saying that music is in my blood isn’t understating it.

I’m always looking for new talent that can impress me. Some individuals and groups do impress me. However, very few amaze me. It takes a lot to amaze or astound me and it usually requires mastery of the hardest instrument there is to play; the voice. I’m well acquainted with the mechanics and dynamics of the voice, so I know what must be done to master it, even though I’ve not personally reached that level yet.

Well, here is a guy who impresses me, amazes me, astounds me, and downright humbles me. His name is Dimash Kudalbergen and he is a Kazakh singer. Don’t even ask me to pronounce his last name. It matters not as people know him as Dimash. 

He was born in 1994, so he’s still young. Yet he is nearly 40 years my junior. His voice so far exceeds mine that there is absolutely no comparison. Dimash has an unbelievable 6-octave vocal range. Many people struggle with two. Mine is a little over three, on a good day.

I ask you to watch this, noting the ease at which he delivers the music, particularly when he makes an abrupt two-octave flip. He forces absolutely nothing. Keep in mind that this is an American song and Dimash’s best work is in his native Slovakian tongue. The only reason I chose this song to share is that I don’t speak the Slovakian language, so while I definitely appreciate those other songs, I don’t understand the words. 

Here is talent, but it isn’t raw talent. This gentleman has obviously spent hundreds of hours perfecting his skill at the hardest instrument he could possibly play; his voice.


What do you think?

Written by Rex Trulove


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