Deep State Celebs & Their Facades

Friday, 10.29.21

We are nearing Halloween, and the Luciferian celebrities are getting ready to celebrate their dark holiday, filled with satanic rituals and sacrifices for youth, fame, fortune, and power. The below videos is about 5 different celebrities, although many are similar.

#1 LOOKING INTO MADONNA & THE CLOONEYS! (Peeling Back The Layers Of Celebrity Cult Strangeness!)

Friday, October 29, 2021

Madonna => High Priestess in the Luciferian Cult. She probably looks younger from adrenochrome. Like many other celebrities, she seems to adopt a black baby boy in order to raise it as a girl, dressing him up in dresses and growing out his hair, maybe even grooming him for pedophilia.

George & Amal => homosexual George and lawyer Amal were arranged in marriage for business purposes to fake a relationship, like a gay man and his beard. They had surrogate twins. Amal doesn’t care for these twins, and she is living a separate life from George. But George and Amal appear to be friends, not lovers or intimate. They are just together for the façade in the media to promote bullshit to idiots who follow them.


Readings on Deep State Celebrities:

Tom Cruise => a High Priest in the Illuminati Luciferian Cult. He is dangerous…which is why Nicole and Katie wanted out and finally escaped. He is in some kind of trouble that has to do with children and infants as well as adrenochrome, similar to Tom Hanks.

Dolly Parton => she might be a reptilian. She was raised in a blood cult. Everything promoted about her is a lie. She is just another cunt making money from idiots who follow her crap. She is also involved with female children.

Meryl Streep => she is from a Luciferian Illuminati family. Like many celebrities, everything about her is a lie for promotional purposes to her idiot followers in the public. She ritually abuses infants for power and fame. I also remember she eats out at the Cannibal Club restaurant in LA, which is founded by Raven Chan, the sister of Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg.


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