Dancing Just for the Pleasure of It

When You Dance, Your Purpose Is Not to Get to a Certain Place on the Floor. It’s to Enjoy Each Step Along the Way – Wayne Dyer 

I really like this quote. I remember enjoying dance ever since I took ballet as a child. I loved rock and roll during my teen years and dancing to all kinds of crazy songs was great. Many years later my mom and I did improvisational dancing for exercise and our own pleasure. There were weekend evenings that seemed long if there was nothing on TV. So since both mom and I enjoyed popular Latvian songs that she preferred to other kinds of music we would bring out the old records. Then as we listened if a certain song struck one of us as enjoyable we would get up and dance to it as we would like in an improvisational kind of choreography as we went along. I have not danced in ages now and perhaps never will again but the memories of how enjoyable it was, remain.

The photo is of my mom in interpretation


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