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Crocodile Shoes

One of the strangest titles for a song I had ever heard was “Crocodile Shoes”. The song was written for the TV drama by the same name and it became a hit for Jimmy Nail in 1994. Just can’t resist saying that he hit the nail right on his crocodile shoes.

If you have never heard of the TV series “Crocodile Shoes” then it was a British seven-part series created by BBC. The series was written by the singer Jimmy Nail himself. In the series, he plays a country and western singer who was once a factory worker.

There is also an album titled Crocodile Shoes with songs from the series.

A sequel came out titled Crocodile Shoes II and its theme Country Boy also became a hit for Nail.

Actually, once I really listened to Crocodile Shoes I found it an interesting and even likable song about lost love which is even made better by Nail’s singing.


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