Crazy Old Man Fight about Rock


Having a bad day? Are you stressed? Angry? Well, you might want to watch the above YouTube video.

It’s a prank video whereby two old men are acting insane. A small rock is at the centre of their attention. One of them picks up the rock from the ground near a public bench and puts it on the bench. The other one notices the rock on the bench and lowers it on the ground. 

Later, two paramedics arrive by ambulance to take the old men to the mental hospital. One of the paramedics notices the rock on the ground. He picks it up, places it on the bench and returns to the front seat. The other paramedic, the driver, notices on his right side mirror the rock is lying on the ground. He comes out of the driver’s seat, goes to pick up the rock and places it on the bench. 

Watch how the people being pranked react to this odd situation.

Have a nice day/evening, won’t you?

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