Crazy Celebrities Act Even Crazier

Wednesday, 8.12.20

This video is about Crazy Celebrites act even crazier. Maybe their muzzles are on too tight, and they need to go outside to breathe some fresh air. Jamie Lee Curtis promotes her leftist thing. Other stupid celebrities become overexcited for Biden and Harris as a Democratic partnership for the next election. Hasbro creates a Poppy Troll doll that teaches kids to accept and enjoy pedophilia.

#2 Hollywood Celebrities Go CRAZY for Kamala Harris in CRINGE Tweets!

Stupid celebrities are celebrating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris partnership to run under the Democratic Party. Their plan is to try to make Biden the next president, and then he will be taken out, and Kamala Harris will take his place as president? Scary. Only in America, where president candidates are dumb and dumber. They just want her to be the next president because of her ethnicity so she can be promoted as the first woman president of color.


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