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Saturday, 9.15.18

I woke up at around 10 am, thinking about my “rebirth” dream as I made my breakfast. I turned on the TV and channel-surfed the indie channels, until I stopped at the end of a film because Craiglist Joe would come on next. I remember I only saw the ending last time. So, I wanted to check out this film from the beginning, although I despise the site Craiglist and everything about it. I have only been on it once, when I first got my new computer, and I never went on that site again. I thought Craiglist was the most gayness garbage gagging-induced site, and the people on the site are worthless losers.

But this documentary film was interesting. It is about a guy who decides to on a cross country trip through America without money, credit cards, or any contacts from family and friends. He even gets a new iPhone that has zero contacts. He lives day to day on the internet contacts he makes as new friends Craiglist. (I guess when you are homeless, even if you intentionally put yourself in such a situation for research purposes, you are likely to be friends with anyone in order to survive and move on). And, he is like a homeless beggar, asking for help–free food, a free place to stay, and free card rides. Someone even gives him a bicycle to use on his trip to help him out. (I wonder how the cameraman got around when the guy was riding his bicycle.Was he walking around filming the guy on this bicycle or was he walk briskly nearby with the camera?).

I realize he wasn’t completely alone because he had a cameraman with him film his documentary. I am assuming his cameraman was able to use money and buy food in order to keep up his strength on this trip. This trip took 31 days of driving through America, and some scenes looked like wintertime the ground with covered with snow and ice. (I think it would have been easier to go on a cross country trip during a spring or summer month. But I still would rather go on a cross country trip with people I know, and have money and my debit card with me to get things I needed, even though I might try to live cheaply as possible, like staying at motels, hostels, and even campsites).

But I think since these strangers he met were going to be in his film, they were more willing to cooperate in his film project, such as providing him with needed items for survival and discussing certain issues. He did meet with some people who had various issues.

I think that the whole concept involves risk-taking, which is crazy and can be dangerous. But this project is an indie film documentary. So, there were others involved with the film, just in case he was in danger and needed to get out of a situation. It isn’t completely spontaneous, or I am not really sure he would have survived one month of Hobo living. (It was also noted in the film that someone gave him some razors so that he was still able to shave his face and not look like a bum because I didn’t see any hair or stubbles on his face during the 31-day period).

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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