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Count Down to Christmas 1: Hark the Herald Angels sing — Boney M


Christmas is approaching. In many towns and cities, the festive season is in high gear. Many people have set up Christmas trees and the songs are filling the air ushering in the most celebrated festive season in the world.

However, it is a time to reflect what it represents and remind us of who we are and what is our purpose here on earth.

Today, I will post my first favourite song: Hark the Herald Angels Sing. 

Enjoy the song and have a blessed day.


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Written by Benny

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    • I agree with you, Dawn. Even though the date is not the exact date when Jesus was born, it was put to act as a reminder why Jesus came to our world in form of a human being and the Great Mission behind his coming to earth. Many of us have forgotten what Christmas is all about.

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