Corey Feldman’s Documentary: My Truth—The Rape of 2 Coreys Documentary review

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

While on browsing Youtube today, I noticed two videos of Corey Feldman’s documentary. Two people made copies of it and put it on Youtube. Alfy Hoffman sexually abused Corey Feldman at Alfy’s Private Teen Club. He received invitations, where some famous kids get to spend the night. Alfy Hoffman and Jon Grissom gave Corey Feldman oral copulation. Dominic, Marty Weiss, and Charlie Sheen sexually abused them.  Alfy Hoffman is gay and Bobby Wolfe is his lover. He didn’t name executives because he said the abusers were mostly lower positions, such as agents, managers, and publicists who work closely with the child actors. 

On the set of Lucas, Charlie Sheen raped Corey Haim between two trailers in daylight. Her bent Corey over, placed Crisco oil on his ass, and fucked him.

They were friends with Kerry Kasem.

He got attacked by stabbing, harassed, and almost run over by two trucks.

Judy Haim and Bobby Wolfe Jr trying to discredit Corey Feldman to shut him up from exposing about the pedophilia.

Kristoff St. John is in this documentary. I think he is dead now. Keith Coogan is also in this documentary. Kristoff and Keith were both aware about the pedophilia in the industry. Kristoff died a year after being in this interview from depression and alcoholism. He was also a survivor of sex abuse. Gary Hays also died from alcoholism.

Corey Feldman’s son is Zen with his wife Courtney Ann.

You can watch Corey Feldman’s documentary now on Youtube. I saw it by accident while I was browsing. It was posted on Youtube twice by two different people, maybe even more. 


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