Cool Summer Nights

Friday, 7.30.21

This evening, I went to the Woodbridge walking meetup. 4 people showed up. The weather was really nice–cool and breezy summer evening. There was an outdoor concert at the park. Many people had their picnic dinner on the grass while watching a Hawaiian band. There were also some Food Trucks parked close by. I walked 5.6 miles and 11,897 steps this evening. 

I returned home at 8 pm and watched the Summer Olympics. I am mostly interested in the swimming and gymnastics, but I also checked out skateboarding and surfing. 

But the commercials and other promotions were so annoying. They wouldn’t stop promoting the vaccines, masks, and other bullshit to force people to take the vaccines. Most of the gibberish they were saying didn’t even make sense because they would contradict themselves. Now, they are say that vaccinated people can infect other people and they could get sick again. So, they recommend vaccinated people to also wear a mask. But they still want the resistors to be vaccinated. They just want to force people into doing everything in order to enslave everyone. It is no wonder that nobody is watching TV anymore. Everyone is sick of this crap. I just watch TV occasionally to check out the olympics and sometimes award shows, just to see what they do. 


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