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Clean, conscious music….Underated.

Now, im gonna talk about my kind of music. Being a part of this new generation, us milennials are swayed by rappers and hype beats and meaningless babbling by musicians. No ffense to anyone who listens to that kind of music because afterall we do have our varying preferences but looking back at our forefathers, the traditions in music were different.

I like how we have evolved however to adopt new styles in music portraying varying artistic levels and accepting how each individual wishes to portray their feelings, experiences and emotions through art.

As for me, personally, i love and enjoy listening to clean, conscious and relatable music and my preferences range from young to old, gospel to rock and rnb and i listen to artists of many different backgrounds and with varying music styles.

I listen to young artist such as Alessia Cara and Khalid, both my favourites, and less frequently i will listen to beats from Beyonce, Neyo, and then also i listen to alot of Gospel and Reggae music, clean, conscious and relatabe.


What do you think?


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  1. I think the music of my generation what you describe as “clean conscious and relate-able”. The songwriters were the best because I think they had a consciousness and could relate to and relay their emotions and beliefs. Bob Dylan. Paul Simon. Joan Baez. Etc. This generation, including the rappers, still listen to this music and sometimes it even inspires their lyrics.

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